Monday, June 2, 2008

Caelan's Update

Caelan is a sweet, yet demanding, baby and has become quite a Momma's boy already. He is growing very quickly, weighing in at 7400g (about 16 1/2 pounds). He is rolling in both directions and is on the verge of sitting on own. He has a tooth that is just under the surface and he loves to eat. Caelan will gobble up anything you put in his mouth (except if it comes in the form of a bottle)...he is definitely not a picky eater. He passed his hearing screening, but is likely going to be near-sighted and need glasses when he grows up (just like his mom - poor guy!) He loves to be part of the action at all times and hates it when he is put down in another room, often fighting sleep just so that he doesn't miss anything.

Ashlyn's update

Ashlyn has been doing very well the past few weeks and seems to have turned a corner with respect to her eating. We are officially no longer using the g-tube for feeds and she is gulping down all of her bottles (without aspirating!). She is not exactly excited about eating solids yet, but we are working on finding a combination of foods that she likes. So far, bananas seem to be the key ingredient. She weighed 5.85 kg (about 13 pounds, 3 ounces) at her last weigh-in and she has passed both her recent vision and hearing screenings. She still is delayed with her gross motor skills, but she is progressing so nicely that I am not concerned at this point. She is such a happy baby and is quick to give out the big belly laughs that we love to hear. She has an appointment later this week to see if there is any change to her paralyzed left vocal chord, but her sounds have not made any improvement, so I am not overly hopeful that there is any recovery. She is a great sleeper, just like her big sister, and has no problems sleeping 10 hours at night.