Thursday, December 3, 2009

Due Date

Although the "babies" were two in August, I still think of their due date as a significant milestone.  Today is the day that they are officially 2 years old in my, Happy Due Date Ashlyn and Caelan!  If you have had a baby born early, you know how hard it is to stop correcting their age in your own mind.  I have realized in the past few months that I have finally stopped doing this and I believe that they have finally caught up to their age-matched peers.  At their official weigh-in with the pediatrician this week, Ashlyn finally made it onto the weight curve (5th percentile, but she made it!) and Caelan was solidly sitting at the 25th percentile.  They are doing everything that other 2 year olds should be doing and we are so very happy that they are progressing so well.  Hooray!