Monday, July 6, 2009

New discoveries

Things we learned this weekend.
1. Caelan hates being dirty
2. Ashlyn loves being dirty
3. Caelan will not wear a hat no matter what you do
4. Ashlyn asks to wear a hat...but it has to be the one that she (not you) chose to wear


As with everything Ashlyn does, the raspberries went down much more slowly and neatly than her brothers.
Ashlyn's stats:
Weight: almost 21 pounds
Favorite foods: pasta, berries
Favorite game: Peek-a-boo
Favorite book: anything with animals
Personality: independent, fiesty
New skills: walking, talking
New words of the week: More, banana, night-night, Ashlyn, book, balloon
Hates: when someone tries to help her do something
Favorite activity: climbing

Caelan loves raspberries (almost!) as much as his Mama does.
Caelan's latest stats:
Weight: 27 pounds
Favorite game: Chase
Favorite foods: Fruits and Vegetables
Hates: Long sleeved shirts, wearing shoes
Personality: Very affectionate, loves to laugh, easy
New skills: walking up and down the stairs, starting to run
Language: lots of pointing and vocalizing, but no words yet